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Today is:

1、 Functional electrolyte

Different conditions, meetrequirements
Based on different application conditions,lithum-ion battery need to meet some requirements, such as high rate, high temperature, overcharge protection,etc. So we develop functional electrolytes to adapt these special electrochemcal performances of lithium-ion battery.

Performance of power or storage battery used Functional electrolytes

Conditions Features
High Rate Electrolyte Capacity retention >90% @ Rate: 10-60C
Low Temperature Electrolyte Capacity retention >90% @ Rate:0.2C, - 40°C
Capacity retention >80% @ Rate:0.5C, -40°C
High Temperature Electrolyte Expansion rate <5%@ storage at 1000C for 4h;
For LFP, Capacity retention >80% @cycle 1800 at 60°C
Over-charge Protection Electrolyte NO smoking, no fire and no expansion @ overcharge 3C, 10V
Flame Retardant Electrolyte No flame
Gel Electrolyte No leak

2、 Electrolyte for next generation battery

Innovation and development
The future battery will be more capacity and more safety.Various types of electrolyte developed to meet the future market demand.

electrolyte characteristics

Battery systems Features
4.6V & 5V high voltage Electrolyte undecomposed
Li/S Inhibit the growth of lithium dendrite, improve circulation
Li/O2 Improve dissolution and circulation

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